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Senior Information
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Tuesday, August 23, 2016
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Citronelle High School

Class of 2017

*Calendar of Events

The Senior Calendar of Events may be found in the "Forms" section on the school website.


Senior Fee

In order to pay for the cost of graduation and senior activities, each senior is asked to pay a basic senior fee of $60 (NO yearbook).  Any senior who wishes to add the yearbook payment in with the senior fee will pay $110 (yearbook included). If a senior does not meet the graduation requirements, the fee will NOT be refunded.


Seniors can either pay the fee in one payment or make payments on the fee each month.  If a senior does not begin payments by the end of first semester, the fee will increase by $5 a month until the first payment is made.  The senior fee DOES NOT cover senior shirt/jacket, optional senior items, or the graduation cap and gown.


Senior fees may be paid to Mrs. Lynch in the library during 1st period on the first and third Wednesday of each month. Senior fees will be accepted ONLY on the first and third Wednesday of each month unless otherwise announced. The chart below shows an approximate breakdown of what the senior fee covers.


This year, you may pay your senior fee online. When available, instructions will be sent via text message reminders, uploaded to the school website, and made available in Mrs. Pippin’s room & library.


Substitutes for senior sponsors to chaperone College and Career Day, to attend senior activities, and to help with graduation practice



Senior Activities (lunch, breakfast, Senior Walk transportation, etc.)


Shirt for Graduation Practice/Luncheon


Elite Night and Senior Awards Night


Senior Class gift to school


Graduation (diplomas, security, programs, tickets, flowers/ferns, water for practice, replacement/addition of chairs and chair covers, etc.)


OPTIONAL: Yearbook




Senior Shirts and Jackets

The senior fee does NOT include the senior shirt or jacket. We will take orders for an optional senior shirt and jacket. This optional shirt may be worn on Fridays and other days in which spirit shirts are allowed. We will also take a class panoramic picture in February, and this shirt may be worn on that day but is not required for the picture or any other senior activities. Prices and order deadlines will be announced when school begins in August.


Cap and Gown / Herff Jones

The senior fee does NOT include the cost of cap and gown. Herff Jones is the company that handles all cap and gown orders as well as optional senior items. Herff Jones will be at the school on November 9th at 10:00 am to present packets to the seniors.  They will return on the November 17th and December 1st to take orders. Any seniors who do not place orders and make payments on the scheduled days are required to either go to Herff Jones or pay by phone. We will make announcements when Herff Jones will be at the school for orders. Remember, after December shipping/handling and tax will be added to the price of the cap and gown, so order early!


Midyear Graduates

There are many mid-year graduates each year. Although we do send a senior bulletin home to those graduates by Spring Break, it is ultimately their responsibility to check the website or call the school for dates and information. The best way to stay informed is to sign up for the text or email notifications.


Text and E-mail Notifications

We will make announcements; however, students sometimes cannot hear announcements or are absent when the announcement is made.  The best way to stay informed with senior updates and reminders is to sign up for the text and/or email notifications.

Senior Drapes and Tuxedo Pictures 

Senior drapes and Tuxedo pictures will be taken on November 9th.  Each student must have a $30 sitting fee to take the picture.  Ladies need to wear a white tank top and boys need to wear a white shirt underneath the uniform shirt to make the pictures go smoothly.  This fee will be paid to Jim Owens.

Senior Panoramic Picture

The date for this picture will be April 17th, 2017.  All seniors must wear uniform pants along with the senior shirt that was purchased from the school.  If a senior did not purchase a shirt, then the student must wear a uniform shirt and uniform pants for the picture.  The seniors will be given a page to order this picture online.  No money will be due on this day.



We will send out detailed information about graduation when the time is closer; however, here are some of the basics you will need to know about graduation.

Graduation will be held at the CHS football stadium on a date determined by the MCPSS school board: May 13, 2017.

Admission to graduation will be by ticket only; this includes infants and small children.  Each senior will be given sixteen tickets for his/her family (twelve white tickets and four gold tickets).  In the event of rain, only the guests with gold tickets will be admitted into the gymnasium where the graduation ceremony will take place.


Senior Pranks

Senior pranks are not a right of passage!  If you are caught participating in any type of senior prank, you will be dealt with according to the student code of conduct and criminal laws of Mobile County.

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